More history
The story of Fordingbridge Fire Station continues
During October 2008 Fordingbridge Fire Station was twice featured on a BBC1 documentary
programme called ‘Real Rescues’. The programme covered a thatch fire at Burgate Cross in
December 2007 with film footage taken at the incident and also an interview with Watch Manager Steve
Coles. Fordingbridge were also shown rescuing a lady from the New Forest after an accident with her
horse and trap in 2006.    
A large derelict building, on the site of the Old Manor Hospital in Salisbury, caught alight on the 27th October 2008 just after midday. The
fire swept through the whole property and required the attendance of five pumps, including Fordingbridge, to bring it under control.

Fordingbridge firefighters attended a serious road traffic accident just before 6am on the 7th November 2008 on the A338 Road near
Downton. The driver of one of the vehicles involved was released from the wreckage with serious injuries whilst another driver was
declared dead at the scene.

A fire broke out in the roof of The Old Post Office in Stuckton on the 16th December 2008. The blaze was started by a spark from the
chimney flue, just after 9.30pm, which ignited some ivy growing up the side of the barn conversion property. The flames spread to a
small area of the roof with the fire being extinguished by crews from Fordingbridge and Ringwood.

The 18th December 2008 saw Fordingbridge in action again. A two vehicle road traffic collision occurred on the A354 Road at Woodyates
just after 8am. The driver of one of the cars needed extricating from his car by Fordingbridge and Verwood firefighters and was airlifted to
hospital by air ambulance
Road Traffic Collision A354 Road, Woodyates – 18th December 2008
Another road accident required the services of Fordingbridge on the 22nd December 2008. A small kit car
collided with another car on Bowerwood Road at Fordingbridge just after midday. Luckily nobody was badly
hurt in this incident but Fordingbridge firefighters were required to make both vehicles safe
A large horse, which had become stuck in a bog alongside Ringwood Road in South Gorley, needed the assistance of Fordingbridge
firefighters to free it on the 29th January 2009.

The following evening, on the 30th January 2009, Fordingbridge were in action again with another horse. The animal had got one of
its rear legs wedged through the bars of its stable at Arniss Farm in Godshill. The crew quickly cut the offending bar away and the
horse was successfully freed from its predicament!

A thatch roof caught alight at Trantridge Cottage in Pentridge just after 1pm on the 31st January 2009. Fordingbridge were called
upon to assist their Dorset colleagues at this ten pump incident. Although a large area of the thatch roof had to be removed the
property itself was successfully saved from serious damage.
Fordingbridge were in action again on the 3rd April 2009 when the thatch roof of The Yew Tree Inn at Odstock
caught alight  shortly after midday. They assisted Wiltshire crews with saving the property from complete
destruction at this ten pump incident although a large area of the roof was damaged. The blaze had started
in the chimney.
The 8th April 2009 saw Fordingbridge firefighters carrying out two rescues in one afternoon.

The first was at Water Lane Farm in Hale. A cow had been stuck up to its waist in a bog for
some considerable time before the call for help was received from the farmer just before 2pm.
On arrival the Fordingbridge crew dug out the clinging mud from around the animal whilst
awaiting the attendance of specialist equipment from Eastleigh. Eventually the cow was hauled
from its unhappy resting place and pulled to safety where it was treated by a vet.
Cow stuck in a bog at Water Lane Farm, Hale – 8th April 2009
The second rescue of the afternoon was at a road traffic collision on the Cranborne Road at Cranborne. An
elderly car driver had gone off the road and crashed into a large tree just after 4.30pm. One of the branches
had actually pierced the window screen and the roof needed to be cut away from the vehicle before the casualty
could be taken to hospital by air ambulance. Fordingbridge assisted a crew from Verwood with the extrication
and fortunately the persons injuries were not to serious.
Road Traffic Collision at Cranborne with the Air Ambulance to the rear – 8th April 2009  
A caravan was destroyed in a fire which broke out shortly after 3pm on the 21st April 2009 at Ridge Farm in
Godshill. Several gas cylinders had to be cooled at the scene by Fordingbridge firefighters due to their close
proximity to the blaze.

Fordingbridge attended a fatal road traffic collision on the A338 Road at Charford on the 29th April 2009. The
accident which involved a car colliding with the rear of a lorry occurred at 4.20pm. The female passenger was
declared dead at the scene and had to be released from the wreckage after a lengthy Police investigation.

A swan, which had landed on the roof of a building to the rear of the High Street in Fordingbridge, needed the
services of Fordingbridge firefighters on the 6th May 2009 to allow it to be safely captured in a special
harness and then released back into the wild.
A large bonfire got out of control at Green Bank, Fryern Court Road, Tinkers Cross on the 12th May 2009 and
set fire to a large pile of logs and a wooden storage shed. The blaze which started just before 5pm took
several hours to bring under control.
A road traffic collision between two vehicles on the Fordingbridge flyover brought the busy A338 road to
a standstill whilst Fordingbridge firefighters made the scene safe on the 23rd May 2009. The lunchtime
accident saw the Air Ambulance also attend and land on the main road. A total of five casualties were
taken to hospital with varying injuries.

A fire broke out in a garage that had been converted into a workshop and gym at a property called Westfield in
North End, Damerham on the 4th July 2009. The blaze which broke out just after 1.45am severely damaged the
building and its contents.

A young boy got his hand stuck in the rear window of his parents car on the 2nd August 2009 at 10.55am. His
quick thinking parents drove the distressed child directly to the fire station where Fordingbridge firefighters were
waiting to assist him from his predicament. The boy was easily released without serious injury to his hand.

On the 6th August 2009 an acetylene cylinder caught alight in a workshop at Tenantry Farm in Rockbourne at 8.50
am. Fordingbridge firefighters quickly removed the blazing cylinder to the outside and cooled it with a hosereel to
prevent any further damage.

A young male who was enjoying a ‘donut’ ride behind a speed boat at New Forest Water Park on the 11th August
2009 needed the assistance of Fordingbridge & Ringwood firefighters when he was suddenly thrown from the ride
at high speed and suffered several injuries. When crews arrived just before 1.30pm the casualty was unconscious
in the water. Two firefighters entered the lake in lifejackets to assist him to the pontoon for treatment by ambulance
personnel. He was eventually airlifted to hospital by helicopter.

A tragic road accident occurred on the A354 Road at Martin Drove End on the 3rd September 2009 at around 4.45
pm. Three elderly sisters returning from a party collided with another vehicle  resulting in the sad death of one of
the ladies. Fordingbridge firefighters released the other occupants of the car.

A serious car accident occurred on the Somerley Road at Somerley on the 5th September 2009 just after 11.20am.
A 4x4 vehicle careered off the road and crashed into a large tree severely trapping the young male passenger.
Fordingbridge & Ringwood firefighters assisted by Cranborne and Verwood crews eventually released the
casualty using hydraulic cutting equipment. He was airlifted to hospital with serious life threatening injuries.

A major forest fire broke out on the 3rd October 2009. The blaze at Blackwater Common in Alderholt was reported
at 4.45pm. Due to the location of the fire it took Fordingbridge firefighters some time to initially reach the actual
scene of the fire due to locked gates and difficult access through the wooded area. It took the attendance of three
pumps and eight landrovers to extinguish the flames with crews battling for several hours to bring it under control.
Casualty Care being carried out on the ‘trapped’ driver as soon as the crew arrive  
Blackwater Common, Alderholt well alight – 3rd October 2009
The badly damaged roof of Mundays Cottage at Martin – 26th November 2009
The drivers door being removed using the hydraulic Combi-Tool
Fire at Brook Farm, Blissford – 28th December 2009
Road Traffic Collision Bowerwood Road, Fordingbridge – 22nd December 2008
A severe fire broke out in a bungalow on Christmas Day 2008. The fire at 2 High Street in
Durrington started just after 6pm with Fordingbridge assisting Wiltshire firefighters at this
seven pump incident.
A bungalow severely damaged by fire in Durrington - Xmas day 2008
Thatch roof fire at Pentridge – 31st January 2009
A bizarre accident occurred on the Martin Road at Tidpit on the 3rd April 2009. Just after
9am the handbrake failed on a tractor that had been left unattended, in a field adjacent to
the main road, whilst the driver was feeding some chickens. The tractor crashed through the
hedgerow before colliding with a car that was driving along the road. The two occupants of
the car had to be released by Fordingbridge and Cranborne firefighters.
Road Traffic Collision at Tidpit – 3rd April 2009
Fordingbridge crew stripping thatch from the roof of The Yew Tree Inn at Odstock – 3rd April 2009
HFRS Rural Safety Officer Jim Green with the rescued swan – 6th May 2009
The roof of Church Farm Barn in Coombe Bissett was damaged by a fire on the 11th
May 2009. The blaze was caused by workmen fixing the flat roof of the property and
started just before 6pm. Fordingbridge assisted Wilton and Salisbury firefighters in
bringing the fire under control and preventing it spreading to other parts of the building.
Dan Palmer, Pete White & Colin Coley stripping tiles off the roof of Church Farm Barn in
Coombe Bissett – 11th May 2009
Derek Jones damping down at Green Bank in Tinkers Cross – 12th May 2009
A road traffic collision between two vehicles on the Fordingbridge flyover brought the busy
A338 road to a standstill whilst Fordingbridge firefighters made the scene safe on the 23rd
May 2009. The lunchtime accident saw the Air Ambulance also attend and land on the main
road. A total of five casualties were taken to hospital with varying injuries.
The scene of a road traffic collision on the Fordingbridge Flyover
with the Air Ambulance visible in the distance – 23rd May 2009  
A stable was completely destroyed by a fire on the 27th May 2009. The outbuilding which was
in a field in Hyde Lane at Stuckton caught alight just after 4.30pm. When Fordingbridge
firefighters arrived the stable was already well ablaze.
Damping down the embers of a stable fire in Stuckton – 27th May 2009
Fordingbridge Fire Station – May 2009
A classic 1969 Bristol car was badly damaged when it caught fire on the 10th June 2009.
The car was parked in front of a wooden garage at Rose Cottage in Martin when the blaze
started just before 12.30pm. Fortunately the building suffered only smoke damage and a
1932 Humber parked alongside was also undamaged.
Fordingbridge firefighters dealing with a car fire at Rose Cottage in Martin – 10th June 2009
Fordingbridge firefighters came to the rescue of a young girl who had climbed up a tree in
Reeder Close, Fordingbridge and got stuck on the 26th October 2009 just before 11.15am.
The crew quickly asisisted her and brought her back down to earth safely.

A male casualty had to be cut free from his people carrier after it had come to rest on its
side in a ditch on the Cranborne Road at Cripplestyle on 5th November 2009 at 10.40pm.
Fordingbridge & Cranborne crews released the driver who was taken to hospital.

A serious fire broke out at Mundays Cottage in Martin just before 2am on the 26th
November 2009. The roof and first floor of the premises were badly damaged and a dog
that was in the house sadly died. A total of six pumps from Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset
attended the blaze and Fordingbridge firefighters returned throughout the day to damp
down hot spots.
A chimney fire spread to the roof of Bell house in Lower Road, Charlton All Saints on the 12th
December 2009 just before 7.15pm. Fordingbridge firefighters were able to assist Salisbury
crews to save the property from serious damage.

A large property in Blissford was badly damaged when a severe fire broke out just after
10.30am on the 28th December 2009. The owners of Brook farm in Blissford Road, Blissford
were away on holiday when flames swept through the house sadly killing three dogs that were
inside. A total of six pumps assisted Fordingbridge firefighters to extinguish the blaze.