Photo's from the 10km run 2nd May 2010
Paul, Louise, Shaun and Kevin prepare for the ordeal
Tim, Bev,Julia and Nigel before the run
Tim, Kelly and friend before the race
1st Man home N Buis 33.53
2nd man home P Davis
3rd Man home G Bungay
1st Lady home H Chalk
2nd Lady home L Buis
3rd Lady home B Buschenhofen
Paul O'Connell crossing the line
Louise O'Connell about to cross the line
Andy Donald comes over the line 2010
Andy Gater finishes 2010
Angus and Mick cross the line. Mick for the second time!
Bev approaching the line 2010
Bev Zuber over the line 2010
Chris Beck approaches the line 2010
Chris Williams over the line 2010
Colin Williams crosses the line 2010 10km
The Cranborne Boys 2010
Kelly Burt crosses the line
Tim Donnell comes striding in. Could have done better (apparently!)
Tim Lunt crossing the line
Nigel about to cross the line
Shaun Manston about to go over the line
Julia approaching the finish
Julia crosses the line
Tom Fuller going over the line
Trevor Gale crossing the line
Just after The Start 2010
The Start 2010
The Lunts, Julia and Jimmy
Nigel and half of Bev at the Start
John Stockley and Tracie Stockley